Hedgehog House & Food Bundle

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Feeding Spike's Dinner regularly will encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden all year round, it is also useful for helping late born Hoglets to gain sufficient weight to survive the winter.

Suitable for Hedgehogs of all ages.

Poultry Meat Meal, Wheat, Wheat feed, Maize, Rice, Poultry Oil, Linseed, Yeast, Minerals & Vitamins, EC Permitted Preservatives.

Analysis:Protein 25%, Oil 12%, Ash 8.0%, Fibre 3%.



Our hedgehog house has been hand crafted by ourselves, using a water-based wood treatment to ensure a long lasting product without putting off the hedgehogs. The door measures 12cm by 12cm, plenty of room for all sizes of hedgehog. The total interior measurements are 40cm wide x 35cm deep x 15cm tall. As most hedgehogs measure between 25-35cm long this is plenty of room for a small family to huddle together. 



A food or water bowl specifically designed for hedgehogs. Its the perfect height for hedgehogs of all sizes. Sturdy and tough plastic, suitable for all weather conditions. Fully recyclable. Made in the UK. 


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